Story of JYUNKA

With 16 years of experience in the professional beauty industry, JYUNKA have a clear vision, changing your skin.


We Change Skin

JYUNKA’s desire is to help every person achieve healthy glowing skin, so that they can Live Beautifully. True beauty comes with a confident smile, glows from within, and is timeless. Everybody deserves to be confident and happy in their own skin and healthy glowing skin is just the first step.

Jyunka brings together science and nature to create skincare that is simple, safe, and effective. We aspire to create the best products in every class, to be the answer for your skincare problems, to bridge the gap between professional and mass-market skincare through education, and to walk with every user on their skincare journey.

Founding of JYUNKA

Jennifer Leng, founder of JYUNKA, has for the last 40 years been driven to search for real solutions to beauty and skincare. She works with doctors, chemist, and leading professional brands in the world and developed a deep understanding of the art and science of skincare.

It all started in her early days where she with truly problematic skin – extremely sensitive, very oily, and allergic to dust. All of these contributed to severe acne in her early years. From personal experience, she knows that good skincare is not an overnight solution but a journey to healthy and radiant skin. She experienced for herself that inner beauty is a delicate balance of confidence and the physical appearance. Skincare serves to transform people physically and also emotionally and psychologically. This fostered a simple desire in her heart: Actualise Beauty – to make a beauty a reality through skincare that works.

2007, the start of JYUNKA

In 2007, Jennifer thought she had seen all that skincare had to offer. Then, she saw her skin transform with L-ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) when a Japanese Scientist presented to her a way of encapsulating L-ascorbic Acid in nano-capsules of lipophilic (oil-soluble) ingredients using patented QU-SOME Technology. For the first time, the unstable and water-soluble L-ascorbic Acid could finally be stored and delivered deep into the skin for its amazing anti-aging and radiant benefits.

Jennifer worked with the scientist to refine the formula for the Multi-Action Miracle Fluid that stimulates collagen and elastin growth, skin cell regeneration, brightens skin tone, reduces wrinkles, and improves the overall health and appearance of the skin. What has come to be Jyunka’s M+ Fluid is now the foundation of a premier anti-aging range of skincare and other revolutionary and award-winning products. She saw her dream become a reality, and Jyunka was born.