JK Professional Tri-Hydro Concentrate



JK Professional Tri-Hydro Concentrate

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*Comes in a box of 5 X 3ml bottle*

A professional and intensive hydrating serum that restores moisture, boost the skin’s water binding ability and strengthens the skin‘s support system. Calms reactive skin.


• Hydro-lipid film is boosted
• Epidermis’ water biding capacity is improved
• Skin is plumped up, smoothened and softened


For Professional use: Apply entire vial for each treatment. Follow JYUNKA treatment protocol. 
Prescribed home use: Apply half a vial each day after cleansing, followed by suitable serum, cream and ultra defense if applicable.
​​​​​​​Each course is a 10 days intensive treatment or use as instructed by your professional therapist.

How the Key Ingredients Work

  • TRIMOIST® (Special Active®) - the 3-step moisturizing system supports all three elements of the skin's own moisture balance system:
    1. Protecting film : CM-Glucan enhances the skin's own defence system and builds a superior protecting film.
    2. Lamellar Lipid barrier : Skin-like Lamellar Lipids enhance the barrier function of the lipid layer in the epidermis to boost the moisture barrier.
    3. Humectants: Glycerin and Lactate mimic the Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) of the skin to provide an instant burst of hydration.

    A smaller and stronger version of the Hyaluronate Acid chain thatexists naturally in the skin, this super Hyaluronate retains largeamounts of moisture and protects the skin from bacteria, dust andultraviolet rays.