Purify Mask



Purify Mask

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Rescue. Detoxify. Calm

Regulate The Chaotic Battlefield of Germs, Bacteria And Sebum

When the skin is in need of strength to fight against bacteria, unsightly pustules and to reduce inflammation. The Purify Mask is your answer. The key aspect of treatment for problematic skin is to keep it simple. By using a rich mixture of camphor ingredients and skin softening glycerin, this mask is able to clear, detox, soften and calm the skin.

The skin becomes immediately clearer, calmer and acne will subside after 3 to 14 days.

Apply a medium to thick layer of mask over the face and neck once to twice a week.
Leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse off with warm water. Apply applicable JYUNKA serum and cream.

How the Key Ingredients Work

    It rebalances and detoxifies the skin from all impurities, leaving a perfectly cleansed and healthier complexion.

    It is used as a moisturizing agent and its effects on the cutaneous layers of surface remain for at least 24 hours. Its action visibly enhances the skin's smoothness and suppleness.