Cleansing Value Set B



Cleansing Value Set B

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Purify Scrub Cleanser 150ml
Purify Scrub Cleanser 50ml

O-So-Clean Makeup Remover Single Pad

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Purify Scrub Cleanser
Simple Actions with Remarkable Results. Targets oily, acne, dirty and dry skin. Micro-exfoliation, pore refinement and instant deep cleansing for stubborn patchy skin, without scratching or drying.

O-So-Clean Makeup Remover Single Pad
All In-One Make-up Remover

  • Made of special fiber technology (Microfiber)

  • No chemical substance

  • Reusable, up to 200 wash cycles

  • Minimizes bacterial growth

  • Convenient travel accessory

  • Soft, light & fluffy

Purify Scrub Cleanser

Apply on the morning and evening to a slightly wet face. Use circular movements.
​​​​​​​Create lather by gently massaging the gel on the skin for 1 to 2 minutes. Rinse with warm water. Gently dry the face.


O-So-Clean Makeup Remover Single Pad



Step 1:

Wet the cleansing pad with cold or warm water. Gently wipe off makeup with the pad. For eyes and eyelashes makeup, hold the cleansing pad on the area for 5-10 seconds and wipe away firmly.

It just works.


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Step 2:

After use, hand wash the cleansing pad with soap  and warm water. Pad can also be machine washed. Recommend 200 wash cycles before replacing. 

*Do not use with fabric softener or bleach.

Do not iron or tumble dry.

It is that easy.


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